Too Much Fun


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released 28 July 2013

recordings by Mike Walls



all rights reserved


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Track Name: monoculture
When I grew up your house was a mirror image of mine.
We woke up and did everything at the same damn time,
smothered by smooth surfaces and straight lines.
Monoculture, who are you and who am i?

Now I'm living on scraps that are stitched together
the refuse of monotony, chaos forever.
If you can't live in the grid then make a new pattern
children of infinity are scarred and tattered
Track Name: train traxx
Meet me at the train tracks
light me up a fire
throw some spray cans in and watch the whole thing burn
freight trains in the distance
rolling on the black tracks
sitting in the shadow of a giant iron cave

Take me to the ocean
head for the horizon
green waves crashing down until my body disappears
watch me from the coast line
i'm forever stranded
lay down in the sand i'm just a memory from here

until my body disappears
Track Name: iron cage
Better move fast or you'll miss out on something
Can't stop that heart from pumping

Gotta give 'em what they want.

Better move fast, people are yelling,
Living and dying, buying and selling.

Gotta give em what they want.

I'm stuck I'm sick I wish I was dead
tryin to alleviate this pain in my head
and just like everyone I'm really confused
but I keep on pretending that I know what to do

Don't wanna get old, fall behind
Don't wanna die of old age on an assembly line

Gotta give em what they want.

Eye on the prize, hand on the wheel
I'm so sick and tired I forgot how to feel
and just like everyone I'm really confused
but I keep on pretending that I know what to do.
Track Name: flasher
How dare you insult my eyes with that rotten piece of skin
look at the pathetic state that you are in
you give your fellow man a bad name
and if you think that's okay, you're stupid or insane.

Don't you have a sister or a mother?
You should approach a woman with the kindness of a brother.
Your shallow understanding of humanity
causes incompetence on the point of insanity
and if you ever have another chance
just keep that ugly thing in your pants.